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photo: J Wambsgans

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11.06.03 We Ragazzi just moved to New York City, and we couldn't be happier that they're in our own backyard.

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05.23.02 The album is done, and it came out amazing. They're finishing up the artwork, and getting ready to play some more shows. If you're in NYC, come out to see them on June 4th with The Holy Childhood, Northern State, and Dan Melchior's Broke Revue!

A couple of years ago, We Ragazzi were the darlings of the Chicago non-angular music scene. They're debut album "Suicide Sound System" (My Pal God) was a fuzzy little gem in a world filled with too many bands armed with, to quote New Order, "a lot of technique." Critics raved. Boys and girls swooned. Their "rickety mix of no wave and disemboweled retro rock" was sweaty and soulful and good.

Then they broke up for a little while.

And now... my god. Now they're back, and way better than ever. Original members Anthony Rolando (vocals, guitar) and Colleen Burke (organ) have joined up with new drummer Timothy McConville to create a rollicking, solid, charismatic, and confident trio.

"forever surrender 2 u"
"a lonesome 2nite"

"the Ache"
Catalog number: PSP 025
Track listing: click here
Release date: 11.05.02

"the Ache" showcases We Ragazzi's resurrection. Armed with a new drummer and a renewed songwriting strength (better than it ever was), We Ragazzi have nailed it on this exciting record filled with yearning and longing.

06.26.04 Baltimorel, MD at The Talking Head w/ The Paperchase
06.27.04 Washington DC at The Black Cat (backstage) w/ The Paperchase
06.28.04 Carrboro, NC at Go! Rehersal Room 4 w/ The Paperchase
06.29.04 Atlanta, GA at The Drunken Unicorn w/ The Paperchase
06.30.04 Murfreesboro, TN at Red Rose Cafe w/ The Paperchase
07.01.04 Fayetteville, AK at JR's w/ The Paperchase
07.02.04 Denton, TX at Hailey's w/ The Paperchase
07.04.04 Oklahoma City, OK at The Green Door
07.05.04 St. Louis, MO at Rocket Bar
07.06.04 Springfield, IL at The Underground City Tavern
07.07.04 Iowa City, IA at Gabes Oasis
07.08.04 Minneapolis, MN at Triple Rock Social Club w/ Demolition Dollrods
07.09.04 Milwaukee, WI at The Cactus Club
07.10.04 Chicago, IL at The Empty Bottle w/ High Rise
07.12.04 Pittsburgh, PA at The Eye w/ The Race
07.13.04 Rochester, NY at The Bug Jar w/ The Race

Watch the webcasts of a few of their shows on Digital Club Network.

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from Village Underground 6/4/02 by Sarah Goldman:
official press photo from "the Ache" by Heidi Brill: [l-r Tim, Tony, Miss Burke]
a live photo by Heidi Brill: