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04.10.01 The Pork Guys probably won't be playing any more shows now that Moby is so fucking hugely popular, although rumor has it they might replace him with another crazy famous person. Stay tuned.

Connecticut hardcore featuring Moby on drums. Yeah...that Moby. He used to be in The Vatican Commandoes and lots o' other legendary Conn. SE bands. He made this while he was between major recording contracts and he was free to pursue side projects. Now that the record on V2 is all over the place (and brilliant, by the way), this record is starting to turn some heads. Think back to The Anthrax...this is like that...crossed with a healthy sense of humor.

buy the vinyl, sucker. analog ain't free.

"4 Lights"
Catalog number: PSP 005
Track listing: click here
Release date: 06.16.98

There is a limited edition hand-numbered cover still available in small quantities.

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