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11.11.02 Well... we always knew it would happen. The Mooney Suzuki are huge. Hell... even Bono likes 'em!

The Mooney Suzuki are the wildest live band playing today. You must see them live to understand. Records do not do them justice.

buy the vinyl, sucker. analog ain't free.

oh, alright. Here's an MP3 from their new album, "Make My Way" from "People Get Ready" on Estrus.

"Taking Me Apart"
Catalog number: PSP 004
Track listing: click here
Release date: 03.03.98

The debut release from these NYC Rockers. This was more jangly / Velvet Underground than the nutso-garage-retro monster they've turned into these days. Still great songs all these years later. Still a few copies left!

05.07.04 Long Branch, NY at Brighton Bar
05.11.04 Los Angeles, CA at The Roxy
05.15.04 Northampton, MA at Pearl Street
05.17.04 New York, NY at Bowery Ballroom

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A recent article in Revolver Magazine (we just liked the photo)