Tad Kubler, Dan Monick, Craig Finn, Steve Barone

Photo: Tim Harrington

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12.07.03 The Hold Steady album will be coming out in February on Frenchkiss Records. And it's really fucking amazing..

12.04.03 Finally remembered to post this interesting Atmosphere piece that's kinda more about Lifter Puller than Atmosphere.

06.18.03 Not exactly sure what to call it, but here's an interesting history of / interview with Lifter Puller.

06.11.03 Lifter Puller christen the Triple Rock, a new club in Minneapolis. Read all about it here.

05.06.03 Lost At Sea with their Soft Rock review.

04.30.03 "Soft Rock" is 2003's Album Of The Year.

04.22.03 The Village Voice does a piece on The Hold Steady here.

04.18.03 Check out covers of Lifter Puller songs by Robert Nanna of Hey Mercedes and The Crush down below in the MP3 section!

03.28.03 Robert Christgau gives "Soft Rock" an A MINUS. And we all know he's a hard grader. Leave it to Lifter Puller to break the curve. Jerks.

03.15.03 The Hold Steady website is now online at www.theholdsteady.com.

02.01.03 "Soft Rock" reviewed in the Yale Herald here. Yeah... that Yale.

02.01.03 "Soft Rock" reviewed by mundanesounds.com here.

02.01.03 Wanna buy a LFTR PLLR shirt? Go here. Thanks for making them, Joe!

02.01.03 A nice interview with Craig Finn at indieworkshop.com.

02.01.03 A nostalgic review in "Playback" here.

01.03.03 The Hold Steady... Craig Finn and Tad Kubler's new project, play their debut concert at Northsix on January 22, 2003!

12.11.02 "Soft Rock" reviewed by Sponic here.

11.05.02 indieworkshop checks in with their "Soft Rock" review here.

10.18.02 "Soft Rock" reviewed by Village Voice here.

09.11.02 Here at the self-starter foundation, we host the www.lifterpuller.com website for the band. Well... all of the lyrics for the songs are up there, and because of that, some awfully strange things that people search for lead them to the website. Wanna see a list of some of our favorites? Click here. You will be glad you did.

09.01.02 Lifter Puller as seen in The New Yorker.

08.12.02 Listen to a live set they recorded the day of the Brownies show on WFMU. You need RealPlayer 7.0 or higher to listen in. The live set starts 4:00 into the show. It's about 52 minutes long and comprises the full set they played at Brownies.

08.12.02 The August 1st, 2002 show at Brownies was fucking amazing. Check it out on Digital Club Network.

08.12.02 Click here for the "Soft Rock" track listing.

05.24.01 Check out John Darnielle (of The Mountain Goats) words about Lifter Puller right here.

05.24.01 The official Lifter Puller site is back up right here. Check out lyrics to all of their albums! great stuff!

05.02.01 Sad, but true....Lifter Puller were just voted "best band to break up in the last 12 months". read it here.

04.10.01 They just released a posthumous 7" on Heart Of A Champion (available via the self-starter foundation for 4 bucks postpaid), and the Your Flesh "Hangin' From The Devil's Tree" compilation featuring Lifter Puller's "Math is Money" (along with tracks from Rocket From The Crypt, Thinking Fellers Union Local #282, The Bellrays, etc.) is out now.

04.10.01 Craig is currently working on The Broker Dealer, Steve is currently focusing on Hawaii.

Lifter Puller just may have been the best band to ever come outta Minneapolis.

"Let's Get Incredible" from "Soft Rock"
"Lie Down On Landsdowne (version)" from "Soft Rock"
"Manpark" from "Fiestas + Fiascos"
"Space Humping $19.99" from "Fiestas + Fiascos"
"Secret Santa Cruz" cover by Robert Nanna of Hey Mercedes
"Mission Viejo" cover by The Crush

"Soft Rock"
Catalog number: PSP 024
Track listing: click here
Release date: 09.24.02

The out-of-print albums and EP, a bunch of 7" and compilation tracks, and 5 unreleased songs make up this 40-song double-cd collection. Really... what more do we need to say?

"Fiestas + Fiascos"
Catalog number: PSP 010
Track listing: click here
Release date: 02.08.00

Topping lots of year-end polls, this is a record which people are going to look back on in 15 years and go "how the hell didn't i own this record?". We'll wait for that date. Released in conjunction with Frenchkiss Records.

no shows currently scheduled.

Check out three amazing archived shows on Digital Club Network

click here for all self-starter tour dates.

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