Jeff Goddard, Geoff Farina, Gavin McCarthy, Eamonn Vitt

(we used an old photo as Karate were a three piece [minus Mr. Goddard] when the "Death Kit" 7" was recorded.

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09.01.01 The Self-Starter Foundation is pleased to announce that Step Twenty In The Personal Success Program will be the debut EP from founding-Karate-member Eamonn Vitt. For more info, go here.

04.10.01 Karate are currently in Boston and relaxing a bit after months of solid touring.

04.10.01 The double LP of the new Karate album "unsolved" contains both "Death Kit" and "Nerve" from PSP 001.

Karate continue to amaze. Their fourth album just came out, and it blows us away.

buy the vinyl, sucker. analog ain't free.

oh, alright. Here's an MP3 from their new album, "One Less Blues" from "unsolved" on Southern.

"Death Kit"
Catalog number: PSP 001
Track listing: click here
Release date: 01.19.95

The debut release from these Boston boys. A legendary record, and only the tip of the iceberg of things to come. Out of Print.

No shows currently scheduled.

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