Thrifty Luxury

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11.19.03 The Fire-Ups can be found online here.

09.26.03 The Transgressor's have a video online here.

11.19.02 Bucci's new band The Fire-Ups just played their first show, and Chad's band The Transgressors are now online here.

09.26.02 Bucci has some music of his one-man project The New Frontiersmen online here.

04.10.01 Bucci is currently living in New York. Chad is playing in The Damn Times and The Transgressors. Coby is a proud papa and still playing the drums when he can.

Blistering Texas rock and roll. This isn't no wussy-Jon-Spencer thing....this is the real thing.

"Rock Music"
"Shaky Sister"

"Half Rack of Sugar"
Catalog number: PSP 007
Track listing: click here
Release date: 10.15.98

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