Greg, Dave, Andy, Jim, Mike

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08.01.01 Dave has a solo album coming out under the name "Skates and Rays" on Topscore USA any day now.

04.10.01 Compound Red broke up not long after making this album. It's a shame.

They were a touring machine. They were a band's band. They went out with The Promise Ring, Braid, Boy's Life, everybody. They will be missed.

buy the vinyl, sucker. analog ain't free.

oh, alright. Here's an MP3 from the album, "Return" (cd available from DeSoto).

"Always A Pleasure"
Catalog number: PSP 006
Track listing: click here
Release date: 06.16.98

Milwaukee's finest made one of the most beautiful records to ever come out of the Midwest. Ever. CD came out on DeSoto. Self-Starter did the vinyl. Still a very few left!

no more ever...

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a photo by Shawn Scallen (taken from Held Like Sound)