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04.10.01 The Apes will be touring relentlessly throughout the summer in anticipation of the September 4, 2001 release of "the Fugue in the Fog"

04.10.01 The Apes have signed on with Birdman Records for their next album in 2004. Should be a perfect home for them!

04.10.01 Check out their recent webcast on Digital Club Network here.

Gone are the days of light...the realms drowned in eternal night. But behold, we have seen the Apes legion sweep down from the mountain and gather in the forest, all their eyes aglow. A new era begins. The rainbow in the dark shall light the night sky....Village by village, town by town, the Apes from Washington, DC arrive brandishing their epic debut album "the Fugue in the Fog."

"Ape Town"

"the Fugue in the Fog"
Catalog number: PSP 013
Track listing: click here
Release date: 09.04.01

The Self-Starter Foundation will be releasing the LP of this record, while Frenchkiss Records is releasing the CD.

The LP comes with a limited-edition hand-screened Fort Thunder poster.

06.25.04 Washington, DC at The 9:30 Club w/ Psychic TV

Check out their recent webcast on Digital Club Network here

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great photos by Brian Liu:
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