They live! Actionslacks in Oakland, early 2004.
Photo: Peter Ellenby

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4.20.04 The band's new album was released today! Behold Full Upright Position. Look for 'em playing in a town near you this year.

12.06.03 "Full Upright Position" will be back from the manufacturer on Monday! Amazing! Release date to arrive shortly... MP3's are online now! (see below).

1.22.03 They're alive! The band are finishing up their next full-length album, with J. Robbins (Jimmy Eat World, Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil) producing again.

03.18.02 New Actionslacks EP "Never Never Shake, Baby" is out now on Austin's excellent Post-Parlo label. The band is currently working on its next full-length album, to be recorded this summer with J. Robbins producing.

01.30.02 Actionslacks song "Joan Of Arc" appears in the movie "Personal Velocity," which just won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. That's the biggest award they give at that thing. The movie stars Parker Posey, Kyra Sedgwick, and Fairuza Balk, and got picked up by United Artists for distribution.

10.1.01 Actionslacks just completed a two week West Coast tour with Burning Airlines. They're now writing songs for their next album, which they'll record with Burning Airlines' J. Robbins (Jets to Brazil, Promise Ring, Shiner) in early 2002. They'll tour extensively the second half of next year.

05.08.01 Actionslacks recently completed a full-scale U.S. tour. They're now writing songs for their next record.

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Actionslacks hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band formed when singer/guitarist Tim Scanlin, drummer Marty Kelly and original bassist Mark Wijsen first convened in the summer of 1994. A 1995 self-released debut 7" caught the attention of Minneapolis' Skene! imprint (Jawbreaker, Candy Machine, Lifter Puller), who released the band's full-length debut, "Too Bright, Just Right, Goodnight," in 1996. After touring extensively the band released "One Word" on NYC's Arena Rock Recording label (Superdrag, Elf Power, Luna) in 1998. After Wijsen's departure the band recruited ex-Samiam and Mr. T Experience bassist Aaron Rubin and guitarist Chuck Lindo to write songs for its next album, which was produced by ex-Jawbox/current-Burning Airlines singer-guitarist J. Robbins in San Francisco in the fall of 1999. Bassist Ross Murray and guitarist-singer Doug Modie became full-time members of the band in 2000. "The Scene's Out of Sight" was released on The Self-Starter Foundation in early 2001. The band now consists of Scanlin, Kelly, Murray, Lindo and recent addition (January, 2004), keyboard player Darice Bailey. The band's new album is called Full Upright Position.

"This Damn Nation"
"Close To Tears"
"I Hope This Makes It Easier For You"
"Folding Chair"
"Shining Jewels" (Acoustic, Live From DCN Studios)
"Folding Chair" (Acoustic, Live From DCN Studios)
"Bury Me In The Blue Sea" (Acoustic, Live From DCN Studios)
live acoustic mp3's courtesy of Digital Club Network

"Full Upright Position"
Catalog number: PSP 030
Track listing: click here
Release date: 04.20.04

Actionslacks' long-awaited fourth album has more in common with Joe Jackson than any band you own a 7" by... and that's a good thing, we assure you. Produced by J. Robbins in eight studios over the span of 3 years, it's totally worth the wait.
A masterpiece.

"The Scene's Out of Sight"
Catalog number: PSP 011
Track listing: click here
Release date: 01.23.01

Third album. Produced by J. Robbins (Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil). Features performances by members of Sunny Day Real Estate, Samiam, Mr. T Experience and Mommyheads. The perfect soundtrack to a Saturday night: kick-ass rockers and slow-jams for when the lights get low.

05.22.04 Providence, RI at Jake's
05.23.04 Boston, MA at TT The Bear's w/ Kimone
05.24.04 Brooklyn, NY at Northsix w/ The Beatings, Kimone
05.25.04 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall
05.26.04 Philadelphia, PA at The Khyber w/ Runner & The Thermodynamics
05.27.04 Pittsburgh, PA at Howler's w/ Black Tie Revue
05.28.04 Arlington, VA at Common Grounds
05.29.04 New York, NY at The Mercury Lounge

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Actionslacks in Oakland, early 2004.