1. Adem - I was debating putting the opening track from Adem's "Homesongs" record on here, or if I should go with the first single. Then on Monday night at Joe's Pub they came out and did "Statued" as their opening number. The hairs on my neck rose. It was lovely. This song brings to mind the first Spain album just a little bit.

2. Sons And Daughters - Also played two amazing shows this week. Look for them to come back with Clinic in the fall.

3. Palomar - The third album comes out at the end of the month on The Self-Starter Foundation. Such an amazing record... I'm very proud of them, and so excited. This is the first song on the record.

4. Built To Spill - asked me to write about my top 5 summer albums. You can see the incredibly shortened / edited version of my list here. Built To Spill's "There's Nothing Wrong With Love" at #5.

5. The Cure - "Wish" = Summer Album #4

6. Swervedriver - "Ejector Seat Reservation" = Summer Album #3

7. Emmylou Harris - "Wrecking Ball" = Summer Album #2

8. Shrimp Boat - "Cavale" = Summer Album #1

9. Fiona Apple - New "leaked" Fiona Apple song, supposedly looking for a label. I'll probably get a "cease and desist" for putting this up here...

10. Keren Ann - I'm becoming obsessed... I need to go see her show at Joe's Pub at the end of the month.