1. The Hold Steady - Not much to say here. Everybody knows this is one of my favorite bands ever, formed by Craig Finn and Tad Kubler from Lifter Puller. This is the first song off their album coming out shortly, and it's basically the introduction to and history of The Hold Steady. When Craig sings "I got bored when I didn't have a band. So I started a band, man." you don't need to read into any further than that.

2. The Mountain Goats - The single from the new Mountain Goats record coming out next month. I'm OBSESSED with this song... It's literally popped into my head randomly 5 times a day for the last two weeks. The album's not as great as "Tallahassee", but... considering I think that's one of the best 10 albums EVER, how could it be? But... you know... I love John Darnielle, and it's always going to be a debate as to his second best record... "Zopilote Machine" vs. "Sweden" vs. "All Hail West Texas" vs. "The Coroner's Gambit". Well... I think "We Shall All Be Healed" is definitely a contender for the title (the "second best mountain goats album" title, that is.)

3. The Kingdom Flying Club - I don't know anything about this band. The look like a bunch of dorks from Missouri, and their website is cheesy and well... yeah... they look like dorks. But it's a catchy song, i gotta admit.

4. The Supremes - Annoyingly, this song is only available on a record entitled "Diana Ross And The Supremes' Greatest Hits". When this record came out, the band was simply "The Supremes". One of the most egregious repackagings I've come across.

5. The Fiery Furnaces - A Clash cover... a strange song offa "Sandinista!" given an equally strange treatment. But I like it.

6. Johnny Cash w/ Joe Strummer - And I just at this very moment realized I put the Clash cover next to Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. Strange. (you DO know that i labor to put these playlists into the most listenable / enjoyable list possible, right? it's NOT just random.) This is from the new big Johnny Cash box set "Unearthed" which, unlike the Steve Kilbey album "Unearthed" does NOT include a poem about white chocolate penetration. It DOES include this duet of "Redemption Song", though, and if anybody out there would like to purchase and / or give me a copy of this box set, I'll put you on the guest list you want for any 5 SSF-related shows in 2004.

7. Lost On Purpose - From a demo randomly sent to me. Really lovely. This has gotten stuck in my head a lot the last couple of weeks.

8. The Kills - A Jonathan Fire*Eater cover.

9. Jonathan Fire*Eater - What did you think I would put next? duh. From one of the biggest bidding wars of the mid 90's came a truly fantastic record that for some reason just didn't ever amount to anything. "Wolf Songs For Lambs" is just a great record. Really just great.

10. Ed's Redeeming Qualities - I don't even remember what made me think about pulling out this old track. Stupid stupid stupid.

11. Bourgeois Tagg - The "Yoyo" record was a great power-pop record... unfortunately after searching on kazaa a bunch of times, i was only able to find this... "the hit". still a pretty song, but... not what i wanted to hear. I still remember Billy Fischer (you know... the jewish kid in middle school) making fun of Andy for listening to this band by doing a fake sneeze and going "Bourgeois Tagg" instead of "Ah-Choo". That's 100% Grade A Humor when you're 12 at lunch in the cafeteria.

12. David Dondero - The first verses of this song... I don't really like it. But then that chorus... is that a pedal steel swell and a big chord on the organ at the same time? wow. invigorating transistion.

13. John Denver - On the inside of the Gatefold LP of "Rocky Mountain High" John Denver is wearing a shirt that says "Be Kind To Animals - Kiss A Beaver." I don't know how the hell he got away with that. This is a favorite of mine. Listened to this album the other day, and it's just awfully good.

14. The House Of Love - I only own the first album on vinyl. I was excited to find this mp3 online. Probably my favorite video of all time.

15. Manishevitz - I downloaded this because John Darnielle said nice things about them right along some nice things about Sea Ray (you can read it here.) A sneaky little pop song. Pretty guitar work. Awesome.

16. Empress - I just did some research to find out who the hell this is. Apparently it's a sorta Boyracer offshoot band. Prettiest song I've heard in a long long time.

17. Engine Kid - I can't put a John Denver mp3 on here without putting a John Denver cover mp3 on here. I just can't do it.