1. Kelis - This song is everywhere right now. Gotta love it. Although it reminds me of that Dizzee Rascal song a bit, and I like that one a lot more.

2. Side By Side - I was forwarded a link to a lot of old hardcore 7"'s ripped into mp3 format. Stuff like Heart Attack, Opus, The Rejects, Helen Keller. And this, from Side By Side. You're Only Young Once... So Listen To Preachy Suburban Kids Act Tough.

3. Pilot To Gunner - A track from the new album coming out in February. I can't wait to hear this record. It's going to be damn good.

4. Kate Bush - Greg Dulli covered this song at The Twilight Singers show a couple of weeks ago. Their version was amazing.

5. The Unicorns - Playing this Monday with We Ragazzi at Mercury Lounge. I downloaded this song a couple of months ago, and i didn't like it. But... now i really like it. strange how that works sometimes.

6. Christiansen - I won't lie to you... i thought they were really bad when they played at Warsaw at CMJ. But... i can see how this song could drop them in line with The Mars Volta, Vendetta Red, etc. Although i do object to the work "Kentucky" being in the title of a song that obviously has a bit of a debt to Shudder To Think.

7. Explosions In The Sky - We Ragazzi have toured with them a bunch, and yet I've never seen them. I've met 'em... Nice guys. And I hear they play a mean team game of basketball. Nice song.

8. Jason Collett - I'm not a big fan of Broken Social Scene. Jason's one of the members, and his new solo album is pretty straight up and kinda boring. But right in the middle, there are three songs in a row that are actually really nice. This is my favorite one.

9. Ben Davis - I don't know a single thing about this. I downloaded it from Insound. And I liked it.

10. Malcolm Holcombe - A Nashville guy... Hard to explain. Constantly down on his luck and in and out of jail. Live the songs can really come alive or be really horrible. This is from the overproduced and slightly bland semi-major label record a couple of years ago. Still... a pleasant song.

11. The National - I have to go see them these days. I hear they keep getting better and better. I'll have to bug Brassland to send me a copy of this album.

12. Dolorean - I don't know anything about this except it's on Yep Roc, and I kinda like it.

13. Sun Kil Moon - Mark Kozelek from Red House Painters... his new project, with a new name, for whatever reason. I don't like it as much as some of his other stuff, but... still... this is awfully good. I just wish i could figure out what it reminds me of. There's a vocal melody in here that's in my head.

14. Low Skies - Flameshovel band. Don't know anything else about them, except i downloaded three songs. Didn't like one of them, another i thought was OK, and this one i kinda liked after 5 listens.

15. The Twin Atlas - Another amazing song from The Twin Atlas. I wish i would just shut up about them and put out one of their records already.

16. The Speaking Canaries - Damon Che's solo project... i guess he traded in the "Thee" for a regular ol' "The" somewhere along the line. Damon is a pain in the ass, to be sure. But this song I kinda like anyway...

17. April March - Great pop song. Really great. Love it when it kicks in.

18. Wannadies - Swedish band. Another great, perfect pop song. Nice stuff.

19. My Favorite - From the new EP. Not amazing, but... not bad, either.

20. The Jesus And Mary Chain - I drove around Central PA in my dad's Ford F-150 pickup truck all thanksgiving. popped in some of my old cassettes. "Viva Hate", "Ten Spot", "Candle Apple Gray", "Technique", "A Pagan Place". And... obviously... "Automatic". Don't come around here no more.

21. Roxy Music - Greg Dulli commented that whenever he was at a chick's house, he knew he was getting lucky when she put on Kate Bush's "Hounds Of Love". He commented prior to that that he always employed "Avalon" to go in for the kill. I downloaded both albums the next day. Heh heh.

22. Go Home Productions - I wish this didn't have the stupid news samples in it, because if it didn't, it would actually be a really enjoyable listen. But... yeah... Michael Jackson + Queen / Bowie? that's pretty awesome, indeed.