1. The Dresden Dolls - They were really amazing at Warsaw on Halloween with World/Inferno Friendship Society. Wow. There were two songs in particular that were amazing. Unfortunately i couldn't find either of those (one of which was a cover of Fugazi's "Blueprint" which was really stunningly good.) But, still... this was a great song live, too. One of the better drummers I've ever seen, by the way.

2. James Apollo - A demo recently sent to me. Figured I'd put up a track.

3. Hanalei - Another demo. I don't know anything about this, either. I'm not in love with either, but... man... if you heard most of the demos that came through here, you'd understand that "pretty decent" is equivalent to "must pay attention".

4. Buck Owens - I pulled all of my vinyl together again this week. I need to put it all into one big alphabetical order (right to left) again, as it's in a couple of chunks now, but... it means i've been listening to a bunch of old records lately, especially old country i only have on vinyl. so... Buck Owens. Kinda gotta love 'im.

5. The Alarm - They're playing at Knitting Factory on Monday. I have to go. Truly, I must.

6. Steely Dan - And... I've been listening to a lot of Steely Dan lately, too. This is from their best record, in my opinion, Pretzel Logic.

7. The Church - Not the best Church song. Hell... not even in the top 20 of their canon, but... again... i've had reason to listen to it a couple of times this week.

8. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Heard this song this week. Gave me reason to track the mp3 down. Still a great song, and it definitely brings a smile to my face.

9. Morrissey (01) - Heard some old Morrissey, too. which made me drag out his first, oh, like 10 or 11 12"'s and import cd singles. Yeah... i have all of them, up until a certain point. Oddly enough, though... i don't think i own ANY of the full morrissey albums. strange.

10. Morrissey (02) - So... these aren't even close to being the better of the b-sides, but.. since I've been putting up a lot of covers lately, i figured I'd include both of these. I'd love to hear Moz do actual studio versions of these.

11. William Bell - And... I've been listening to a lot of the Stax singles box set lately. And, well... This song has a bit of resonance in my life lately. Somehow it's one of those songs that seems to pop up every now and then right when i'm paying attention.