1. Spiritualized - What can I say? They're playing at Northsix tonight, and it's going to be amazing to see them in such a small place at such a low price. I hope they play this song... I'm assuming they do. They better, or I'm not going to pay them.

2. The Slits - I've been on a quest to find a song for a friend. A song that sounds like The Slits or The Raincoats, but could be from anywhere up until about 1994. The song starts with the line "it began" and contains a line similar to "it blathered like water to the floor". Do you know it? please let me know, if so. But... the search made me listen to some Slits, and since I've been putting a cover up here almost every week, i figured this was perfect...

3. Fiery Furnaces - Every now and then you hear a voice that you can just imagine yourself falling in love with. This is one of those voices. Which is odd, because I had some demos like 2 years ago, and her voice wasn't this solid. I have to hear this whole album.

4. Be Careful Little Hands - An old acquaintance from Philly is in this band... they remind me exactly of something from 1990... i think maybe (and i can't believe my mind works this way) a band that sent me a demo tape in 1990 called Such Sweet Thunder from the midwest somewhere.

5. For Against - Speaking of midwest... holy shit... For Against have a new album out?!?! whoa. They're one of my favorites ever, and they sound just like they always have. Which is pretty, angelic, and amazing. Why this band wasn't bigger than Ride I'll never know. Oh, right. They aren't british.

6. The Wheelies - This band wrote me out of the blue recently. Pretty good stuff. I'll have to try to see them live.

7. Dead Low Tide - This record finally came out on Tiger Style. For those of you that got to see what few shows Dead Low Tide did, you know that they were fucking incredible. It's a shame they were as short-lived as they were, but I'm glad that Tiger Style put out the album posthumously anyway.

8. Hercules - New to March Records. What a nice, pleasant song.

9. Fiel Garvie - I think they're Scottish, but... I don't really know anything about them. Has a nice Mazzy Star thing going on.

10. The Long Winters - I missed all of their like 10 shows in NYC this summer, and I'm kicking myself. I sure wish Josh at Barsuk would send me one of these albums.

11. Oranger - Longtime SF band Oranger has a new album... Not as catchy as I remember the older stuff, but still pretty good.

12. The Meeting Places - I don't know anything about this band, either. Another download from pitchfork. But i kinda like it.

13. Adam Green - I don't really find Adam Green and / or The Moldy Peaches that funny, but... he does churn out a good pop song every now and then. This isn't necessarily one of them, though.

14. SSION - Not a great song. But when you know the history / background, and see 'em live... you understand why this is fun.

15. The Singles - Another Detroit band with a suitably garage-y name. (or unsuitably, if you're sick of the "The BLANK" names that start with S, like I am.) But... still... a pretty catchy song, and more in the pop world than in the garage world.

16. Three 4 Tens - Longtime Philly band get all Stonesy on this new album. Pretty fine single.

17. Jay Farrar - Playing at Warsaw on Friday, this is an alternate mix of a song off the new album. I can't wait to hear the way Canyon are going to toughen up all of these songs.