1. Wheat - Sea Ray are playing with Wheat at CMJ. This fact made me go back and listen to the first Wheat record. What a great record that was.

2. Death Cab For Cutie - The lead single from the new album. I've never been too shy about my feelings for DCFC... I don't really like them. This song doesn't do much to change my mind, but... i like the part from the 2:00 minute mark to the 3:00 minute mark. I like a song that makes you work for that little bit of glorious payoff. That's what Les Savy Fav do best. (and I'm def. NOT saying this is as good as Les Savy Fav).

3. The Shins - I guess maybe I had too many expectations going into this record... everybody is raving about it, but I don't love it. And it's not that I don't love it because it doesn't sound like the first record (it doesn't sound like the first record AT ALL). I like the way the new record sounds like the non-power pop (ie. the better) part of The Kinks discography, but... I'm still not feeling it. I gotta give it another bunch of listens, though. This is my favorite track.

4. Mates Of State - Hmmm... Am I turning into a hater? I've never been much of a Mates Of State fan. They're nice folks, and they've been very kind to Palomar and Eamonn Vitt through the years, but I really can't listen to them... they drive me crazy. Like... really crazy. So annoying. But, with that said... dammit if i don't like this song from the new album. (especially after the first half of the song... sorta have to drudge through 90 seconds to get to the pay off... that must be the theme of this email).

5. Envy - I don't have the foggiest idea what the hell this guy is yelling about in japanese, but secretly I hope it has something to do with this. (don't blame me if you don't have the right plug in to watch it. that's not my problem.)

6. South - It's amazing how you can rip off 3 notes of the beatles and it's instantly recognizable. It's an OK song, but the damn banjo track is annoying when listening on headphones.

7. The Movies - New Gern Blandsten band... poppy stuff. I need to give the record a few more listens, but i definitely like it on first couple of spins.

8. The Strokes - Yeah... I know the RIAA is gonna come after me. fuck it. this is my other favorite song from the new record. RIAA reps can email me, still, at

9. The Fitness - I really don't usually go for the affected vocal + electroclash-y thing, but... damn if this song isn't catchy as hell. And sexy, even though it sorta pains me to admit that. It's a shame the chorus part is practically a sample of that one Faint song.

10. Richard X - Now THIS is the highlight of the week for me. I've been hearing about this record for a while, and i don't have it, but I finally grabbed this MP3. This might automatically rank as one of my favorite covers of all time. Although we'll see if I still feel that way in 10 years.

11. The Affordable Floors - An old song. 80's band from Pittsburgh that nobody's ever heard (although I'm sure Doug Mosurock will file a report when he reads this)... it's pretty gay, i'll admit (and i apologize for the low sound levels... it's a bad rip, to be sure... i didn't do it.), but... it's still a great song. I have to delete a ton of files from my harddrive because it's just too full and getting too slow. listened to some old stuff that i had to debate whether to kill or not. This made the cut.

12. The Clash - I really have no idea where, but i heard this song somewhere last week. Forgot how much i like it... I mean, when was the last time anybody listened to Combat Rock all the way through? it's been probably 12 years for me, if not 16.

13. Dramarama - I tend to be pretty apolitical, but it's still hard to not realize just how retarded Americans are after the events in california this week. And I usually cringe at the thought of a protest song, let alone a protest COVER, but... somehow Dramarama circa 2003 pull it off. Well, sorta. I consider the fact that i'm not wretching to be success, in this particular category.