1. The Russian Futurists - If East River Pipe was the lo-fi version of the shoegazer movement, The Russian Futurists are the lo-fi version of the new romantics. and if you don't know who East River Pipe is, shame on you. This song also reminds me for some reason of Haircut One Hundred, but... it doesn't sound like them, so i don't know why.

2. The Strokes - Fuck it. I'll admit it. I downloaded the whole fucking album this weekend. And it's amazing. I like it more than the first one. Truly. This is my favorite song from it, "Automatic Stop." If anybody from the RIAA is reading this, you can please write to me at thanks.

3. Bedroom Walls - LA band doing a mellow smooth pop thing. Not as sleepy as Low, not as bouncy or soulful as Style Council... but somewhere in between. I kinda like it, even if it is a bit unmemorable.

4. Hominid - Perhaps the first in what will be a long line of YYY's inspired bands, Hominid are fucking awesome. The buzz is huge on them, and, well... it's pretty well deserved.

5. The Desert Fathers - New release coming out on The Form's run Threespheres record label. Similar to The Forms in many ways...

6. tincantelephone - They've been sending me music for a while. And dammit if they didn't nail it on this 3-song EP. Fuck. Really good.

7. Enon - The single from the new "Hocus Pocus" record. John, Matt, and Toko do it again. Great song.

8. Chumbawumba - The "Flaming Lips / Dave Fridmann" remix of the big hit single from a couple of years ago. The "Danny Boy" sample KILLS me. So good.

9. The Like Young - Ex members of Wolfie (have you ever heard a cute eastern european intern say the word "wolfie" over and over again? i tell ya... you haven't lived until you have. Matt Houser knows what i'm talking about.) team up for this delightful pop song.

10. Centro-matic - One of the most prolific songwriters out there. I once played Nintendo in the Dallas house of one of the members of Funland. None of which i knew other than that i was going to hitch a ride with them to Austin, but then it didn't work out because somebody got off work and now they could spend the night in Austin instead of driving back to Dallas after their show. Not sure which one of the Will was, but... yeah... the Centro-Matic guy was one of them. That was 1994.

11. Viva Voce - I don't know anything about them. I downloaded it from the mp3 section at insound, and it was good enough to put on here. Actually... it's really damn good. Don't let me downplay it.

12. Bright Calm Blue - Same thing as above.

13. Strike Anywhere - My favorite Jade Tree band, hands down. I can't wait to hear this whole thing. They're amazing live. I've seen 7 Seconds in many incarnations. Strike Anywhere might be better than most of them.

14. The Dutch Flat - Another insound MP3. I don't love it, but... it's nice.

15. Kelley Stoltz - San Francisco stalwart... this seemed like a nice song to end on.