1. Haywood - I had purpose to tell a story last week about trying to go bowling at Devon Lanes outside of Philly one night last year. Made me want to hear this song. Still one of the greatest songs I've ever heard, 10 years after somebody walked into my office at WLVR in Bethlehem, PA and handed me a 7" with it on it. If there's ever a "nuggets" of indie rock circa 1987-1994, this song will be the keystone (pardon the PA pun).

2. Billy Joel - Listened to Turnstiles a bunch again lately. Certainly the standout track, and maybe the best song Billy ever wrote.

3. Scout Niblett - Gonna get lots of early Cat Power references, only instead of crazy Scout goes mean. I kinda like it.

4. Lou Reed - Been having a discussion lately about "the quintessential New York City rock albums" of each of the rock decades. 60's = Dylan's "Blonde On Blonde" or Velvet Underground's debut? 70's = Television "Marquee Moon" or The Ramones "The Ramones" or "Rocket To Russia" or Talking Heads or Patti Smith? But... the 80's and 90's... they're really tough. We're talking about albums produced by a New York artist that sum up the zeitgeist of the decade, or at least crystalize a moment. Like, the 00's is probably The Strokes "Is This It". But... 80's and 90's are tough. Yo La Tengo (while from Hoboken, but still qualify) might be the quintessential New York ARTIST of the 90's, but I don't feel they've put out the quintessential ALBUM. Nor have Cat Power, Boss Hog, Jon Spencer, etc. Maybe Railroad Jerk "The Third Rail"? Maybe Jonathan Fire*Eater "Wolf Songs For Lambs"? who knows. But, anyway... Lou Reed's "New York" came up as an idea for the 80's, but I don't think it's "the one", either. Still... it's an enjoyable record.

5. Ivy - The last record is all covers, including this one of The House Of Love, one of my favorite bands ever. I gotta get the first S/T House Of Love album on CD sometime.

6. Palomar - Listened to Brian Eno's "Another Green World" the other day, and I figured I should put two of my favorite covers on here from that record. First up, Palomar with "I'll Come Running."

7. Ida - Next up, "Golden Hours" from "Ten Small Paces."

8. Small Brown Bike - These guys have been around for a while, and I'm happy that they've hooked up with the nice folks at Lookout Records. A fine, solid song.

9. The Weakerthans - Another band that's been around a while... I don't think Epitaph is going to be able to make them stars, but at least a few more people will hear of them now.

10. Millionaire - I don't know much about this band except that they're on PIAS. Decent song. I don't love it, but in some context I like it.

11. The Heavenly States - Kinda reminds me of Grandaddy, but the guys vocals also sound like the band Clockhammer's that i had posted up here a couple of week's ago. Really great song, and I love the vocal melody at parts, but... for some reason this song just isn't memorable at all for me. Strange how that works (or doesn't work) sometimes.

12. Beat Happening - I heard somebody say the expression "indian summer" last week, and that always makes me think of Beat Happening. But I chose this far superior track from "You Turn Me On." Still makes my skin tingle a dozen years after i first heard it.