1. My Morning Jacket - A long time live favorite... finally recorded in all of it's glory for the new album. An album which is really damn good, i might add.

2. The Carlsonics - The Carlsonics don't sound like I thought they sounded like. I think I really like them... I might have to go see them on 9/13 at Northsix with X The Owl. Sounds like a good show.

3. Mando Diao - Another Nordic pop sensation. And one I think I really like. The lead single is a song called "Sheepdog", and is "impacting" at "commercial specialty radio" right now. In three months we'll be slagging this band. Listen with an open mind now.

4. Guided By Voices - Traditionally, I didn't really like GBV. But... They keep getting better and better and better. New album seems like it's solid all the way through.

5. The Bluetones - It's gonna come out in the US on March Records. Good catchy song. Should be a pretty great album.

6. Soundtrak - I didn't remember them sounding quite so much like Spoon or The Walkmen, but... really a well done song. Nice structure and production. Nicely done, Ace Fu!

7. These Arms Are Snakes - New Jade Tree band. Been hearing that they're great, but... couldn't find anything. I guess the record is now coming out. Pretty great stuff. Kinda in the Armor For Sleep world of things...

8. Mink Lungs - Breezy pop from Mink Lungs? No wankery or craziness, just pure pop? wow. I like it. Well... actually... does use of a wah-wah peddle count as wankery?

9. Souls She Said - Members of The Icarus Line and Ink And Dagger get jangly poppy on this project EP. Haven't heard the whole thing, but... i love this song.

10. Sparks - Still bummed I missed the show in Central Park. Not that this is anywhere near as good as "Moustache" or "Number One Song In Heaven" or "Sextown U.S.A." or "I Like Girls", but... how could it be?

11. Dionne Farris - Got in a little discussion the other day about waking up to songs on the radio. In a 2 week period in 1994 i woke up to this song 5 times, including waking up at different times and even tuning into different pop stations. I must admit... it seeped into my consciousness enough for me to say i actually like the song.

12. 69 Boyz - During that same 2 week period, i woke up to this song 3 times. Let's just say that this is NOT an ideal song to wake up to. But I think I actually woke up laughing one of the times in a bit of a Groundhog Day moment.