1. Beulah - Really... this is just an OK song. Nothing memorable here. Which is a shame. I wanted to like it more.

2. Sufjan Stevens - I wanted to track this down because the name of the record label is Asthmatic Kitty, and that made me laugh. Nice stuff, though.

3. Lucero - There's a new Lucero album, but I don't have it. This is from the last one (the first one?). I jinda like it.

4. The Swords Project - This week I downloaded a bunch of new stuff from the mp3 sections up on Insound and Pitchfork. Lots of people priming all their big fall releases, and there's a ton of stuff I wanted to hear. This has been out for a little while (i think), but this is the first i've listened. Not what I thought it was going to sound like, but I like it.

5. Soft Canyon - I think these guys are Canadian... getting some mentions alongside Broken Social Scene and Hidden Cameras. Not as good as I was hoping... But maybe it'll grow on me if i heard the entire album not just this mp3.

6. Elefant - Now here's a band I'm not at all on the fence about: I really don't like 'em. But I figured I'd throw 'em up here to let ya'll decide for yourself.

7. Mines - I had never heard of this band... just downloaded it from Insound, and it's pretty good.

8. Random - ibid.

9. Broadcast - I always forget how poppy Broadcast are. I like them. But I always forget that.

10. Club 8 - Had never heard of them... Great song, though.

11. Steve Burns - Yeah... that Blues Clues guy. Not a bad record, really. I can't help but feel that it's quirky-indie-pop-by-numbers, but... it's still a pretty good formula.

12. The Appleseed Cast - I haven't heard the whole record, but... I'm pretty impressed by this band. I made a half-assed attempt to sign 'em to SSF last year, but i was just too broke to really try very hard. I'm glad they teamed up with Tiger Style.

13. The Constantines - Everybody else seems to like them a whole lot more than me. It just seems a little too DC 1990 to me. Don't get me wrong... I love DC 1990. But... I don't know.

14. Billy Joel - "Turnstiles" is one of my favorite records ever, and you can tell why this song would have popped into my head last week...