1. King Creosote - I've been listening to all of the Domino Records releases this last week, so... there's gonna be three Domino bands this week. King Creosote is part of the Fence collective with James Yorkston / The Lonesome Pigeon. I have to say that the first time i listened to this record it didn't grab me at all. I retained nothing. But... now I realize that there are a couple of real gems on here and it's a good record from start to finish. This is the first "real" song on the record (there's a short instrumental cut before it).

2. The Pastels w/ Jarvis Cocker - There's a new Pastels record... the first in five years! It's a movie soundtrack, and this song is "the pop song" that's part of the movie. Jarvis Cocker of Pulp on vocals, and playing the role of "the pop singer". Awesome song.

3. Lali Puna - Forgot I downloaded this a long time ago. A Notwist side project, and a Human League cover. Can't beat that combination!

4. Tim Buckley - Nobody ever listens to the original. I love the This Mortal Coil version, of course, but... you can't fuck with Tim Buckley.

5. Xiu Xiu - I'm really not a fan of Xiu Xiu, but... figured I'd put this up. It's just too overwrought for me, but... there are flashes in this song that I like.

6. Joe Jackson - Not sure what made me put this up here... I guess i just wanted to hear it.

7. Clearlake - The third Domino band this week... This isn't the single from the album coming out this fall, but i think this is my favorite song on the record.

8. The Smiths - Everybody compares Clearlake to The Smiths (of course i then go and pick the slowest Clearlake song and the poppiest Smiths song, so i guess the comparison definitely goes to shit on this combination).

9. The Darkness - Power Fucking Ballad. It's not often i get worked up about a concert, but... I MUST BOOK A DARKNESS SHOW IN BROOKLYN. I am going to make it my life's work.

10. Pela - I missed them when they played with Palomar / Rainer Maria, but I heard they were good so I grabbed this mp3. I do like it, it's true. Kinda a U2 meets The Shins kinda thing?

11. You Am I - I think this new You Am I record is coming out in the US finally. Can't wait to hear the whole thing.

12. X The Owl - New demos from these guys... what a great song. A much improved band, and i'm really looking forward to getting to see them sometime again real soon.

13. An Albatross - I had to put the owl next to the albatross... a good band from Philly, recently signed to Ace Fu.

14. Killdozer - Killdozer came up in conversation the other day. Had to dig out one of the classic covers from the 90's.