1. Scrawl - A long time ago I asked the ladies of Scrawl to autograph a record for me. Sue signed "Chris - respect your feet. Sue". I was reminded of that this last week when i couldn't really walk too good. Still one of my favorite bands ever, and I couldn't even tell you what made me listen to them in the first place.

2. Billy Bragg & Wilco - These albums are really beautiful and fun and awesome, but it was damn hard to pick songs to pull for this list. Eventually I decided to choose one Billy Bragg vocal and one Jeff Tweedy vocal, and one from each volume. Good stuff.

3. Billy Bragg & Wilco (Vol. II) - I think I chose this song because i just finished "Look Homeward, Angel" by Thomas Wolfe, and their are certain phrases that keep occuring in the book such as "hillborn" and there's a particular important scene in a grassy little patch in the middle of the woods on the hill... a mountain bed, i suppose. Really... it almost makes me wonder if Woody Guthrie read the book. I bet he did.

4. Elvis Costello - A classic. I "found" this on a friend's website... Hadn't heard it in quite some time, actually.

5. Violent Femmes - Dunno why this is on here. For some reason I wanted to hear it.

6. Monsterland - Somebody sent this to me. A request, if you will? It's weird to think of all the music that's from 10 years ago.

7. Wounded Knees - The guy from Rollerskate Skinny's new band. Sounds pretty good. they're playing next saturday and tuesday (the 16th and 18th).

8. Marmalade - On March Records. Welcome to the "pop" section of this week's list. Actually... it's all pretty poppy. I like this list this week, too. i've been listening to it a lot.

9. Prefab Sprout - What a great pop song. it showed up on the march records "mp3's of the week" list about a month ago... so good.

10. Kiddo - Every self-starter band going through Cleveland is eventually treated to the immense hospitality of one Liz Wittman, who is an absolute angel. She is also in the band Kiddo, and... holy shit... they made an amazing record. Wow. Everybody i know should go out and buy this record. The feel good hit of the summer, indeed.

11. Chevy Heston - One of Tim Harrington's favorite bands. Who knew? I didn't take a track from "Destroy", although there are some good ones (ie. "Young Pussy Advisor", "Cock Trophy Finalist", and "The Superintendent Is A Mason" are all cool... ok... i just wanted to say those song titles.). This track is sweeter than most of their stuff... quite lovely, really.

12. The Lucksmiths - I guess i totally missed this one. Australian pop band that people are really into. They played two shows last week, and i missed them. incidentally, they are on the same label as Kiddo. Drive-In Records... good pop from that michigan label.

13. The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - A Chicago band. They're playing with Sea Ray in Chicago tonight... tell your friends in Chicago to go! Great pop...

14. Close Lobsters - Another of my favorite bands, ever. I think this song was on every mixed tape i made in high school.