1. The Wedding Present - I went to go see Cinerama a couple of weeks ago. I was a pretty huge Wedding Present fan, but I quickly lost interest in Cinerama a couple of years ago. Well... that was a mistake. This incarnation of Cinerama was probably more rocking than the last version of The Wedding Present. And they played this song, one of the best songs ever. I was happy.

2. Dizzee Rascal - If you are wondering what the hype is all about... listen to this track. Unlike anything I've ever heard, and it's really fucking great.

3. Oxford Collapse - Starts out with an intro that would make 1988 Sonic Youth proud. Then it tacks on an intro that would make 1986 New Order proud. Finally, two minutes later it hits the song, and it's a good song, too. Hurray!

4. Built To Spill - Old 7". A classic. It's easy to forget that Built To Spill used to have a sense of humor.

5. Shrimp Boat - Playing that Uncle Tupelo track last week made me think about some of my other favorite herky-jerky genre-mashes from around the same time frame. I'm sure you all know that "Cavale" by Shrimp Boat is one of my favorite albums ever... this isn't the best song, but a good example of the kind of thing I'm talking about. The next two songs are also somehow related.

6. Clockhammer - I was amazed when going back to listen to this how well-produced it is. Why this band wasn't huge I really can't even guess, now. I guess they just weren't as mean as Helmet or as krazy as Tool.

7. The Snapdragons - One of the worst records I own. But damn if this song doesn't have a certain charm. If only it were about two minutes shorter.

8. Small Factory - I don't know what made me grab this record out of the stacks. It's still a great album... I wish it were mastered better, but i guess it stands as a nice testament to the state of indie rock circa 1993.

9. Herman Dune - Swiss band on Shrimper. This is from a "live at Peel Acres" peel session that they did... it's up in its entirety at, and the whole concert is quite nice. Sorta Belle & Sebastian, but... more quaint. And the "family" thing made it a nice segue into the next song...

10. Thelonious Monster - Somehow was talking about this band the other day, and it made me track this down. Great song, and one of my favorite record covers ever. I think.

11. Soul Asylum - Dan and Dave sing back-up vocals on that Thelonious Monster song. Made me think of this old track, from another great record cover.