1. Sea Ray - The first track on the "Stars At Noon" album coming out this fall on Self-Starter. I know I keep talking about this band, but... the fact is, i just can't stop listening to them.

2. Flesh For Lulu - Heard a little bit of "I Go Crazy" the other day, and it made me really want to hear "Time And Space." But... i couldn't find that anywhere. But I found this one. Still a classic. Love the Grandpaboy cover of it, too.

3. Deer Whistle - Gerald Collier from Best Kissers In The World. A short-lived project that has really grown on me over time.

4. Drive-By Truckers - I keep missing them live, and that's a huge huge mistake. If I don't go to see their next play, somebody should slap me.

5. The Animal Collective - Interesting track... I really have to hear all the new stuff sometime soon.

6. Aspera - Playing with Sea Ray next weekend... they just moved to NYC. Looking forward to seeing them.

7. Califone - Went back and listened to the new album a couple of times on the train the other day. Ironically this is the song that really leapt out at me on these listens.

8. Carter Little - Rob Viola from The Red And The Black forwarded some mp3's to me of this Nashville songwriter. I missed his show at Pete's Candy Store, but... I'm definitely going to go see him next time he's in town.

9. Turin Brakes - I was impressed with the 25 minutes of their show I saw at Bowery the other week. I hadn't thought I liked the records, but... i enjoyed it live. the slide guitar is a reminder that it's not just where you are going, but how you get there. Not that there is any slide guitar on this track...

10. The Decemberists - A band that's been getting some good press lately... i'd like to hear the whole album.

11. The Hidden Cameras - I keep missing their shows, and by all accounts they're a sight to behold. catchy album on Rough Trade.

12. The Magic Magicians - Short, catchy song. Good stuff.

13. Velocity Girl - An all-time indie rock classic. Thanks to march records for putting it up last week... I hadn't listened to it in years.