1. Les Savy Fav - From the 7" on Chunklet, with David Cross. Great stuff. Some of Tim Harrington's best non-narrative lyrics ever. Or maybe it is narrative. Who knows?

2. The Natural History - The single from the new album. Haven't heard the album yet, but... I'm looking forward to seeing them on Thursday. It's been a while.

3. Cex - Haven't heard this whole album yet, either, but... damn. hell of a song.

4. Young People - Playing next week with The Locust. This is maybe the best song I've heard all year.

5. From Monuments To Masses - Ex Streganona, if anybody remembers that Chicago band. Great new band on Dim Mak.

6. American Analog Set - The single from the new album on TigerStyle. Haven't heard the whole album, but I'm sure it's great.

7. Starlight Mints - I haven't listened to this album enough, yet. But... there's a couple of good songs on it, for sure.

8. The Tyde - I guess it's one half of Beachwood Sparks. Haven't heard this record yet, but... i like this song.

9. Surface Of Eceyon - Basically, I downloaded everything I had heard of from the insound mp3 section last week, and i've posted a bunch of the stuff i liked here. this song i wanted to use as a nice segueway for this week's list, and i think it works nicely.

10. Ex Models - Also playing next week with the Locust. It's gonna be an awesome show.

11. The Apes - Their show last Monday was unbelievable. Holy shit it was amazing. I was blown away, and I've seen them like 30 times. Wow.

12. The Rapture - Haven't heard this whole album... This is the last song, and I think it sounds like a last song, if you know what i mean. After 10 listens, I've really started to like it. (NOTE: this mp3 is behaving weirdly. it's really only 5 minutes long, but it sometimes says it 7 minutes, and then just stops after 5 minutes. apologies if it does this to you.)

13. R.E.M. - the third in the three-song cycle... "Welcome To The Occupation" offa Document is the second re-write of "Green Grow The Rushes". ("Flowers Of Guatemala" being the second.)

14. Cass McCombs - From The Oxes... a very pretty song. Not what you'd expect.