2004-08-17 MP3's

1. Glenn Branca - "Lesson No. 1 (Edit)"
2. The Detachment Kit - "Ricochet"
3. Jens Lekman - "Black Cab"
4. Regina Spektor - "Poor Little Rich Boy"
5. The Race - "Sinking Feeling"
6. The Spinanes - "Punch Line Loser"
7. The Golden Virgins - "Renaissance Kid"
8. Holden - "Honeymoon"
9. A.C. Newman - "Miracle Drug"
10. [brus] - "Vakna"
11. EZ T - "Goodbye Little Doll"
12. Ambulance LTD - "Stay Where You Are"
13. Dirty On Purpose - "Mind Blindness"
14. Dykehouse - "Chain Smoking"
15. Amusement Parks On Fire - "Venus In Cancer"
16. Serious Weapon - "Wolves And Lions"
17. The Secret Machines - "Nowhere Again"
18. The Hidden Cameras - "Music Is My Boyfriend"
19. Some Weird Family - "California"
20. The Album Leaf - "On Your Way"
21. Say Hi To Your Mom - "Let's Talk About Spaceships"
22. Rogue Wave - "Every Moment"
23. Sea Snakes - "Conception Bay South"
24. Sufjan Stevens - "Joy!Joy!Joy!"
25. Sizzla - "Show The Interest"
26. TV On The Radio - "Dreams"
27. Gary Jules - "Mad World"
28. Bedroom Walls - "I've Been Thinking A Lot About Dots On The Wall"

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